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When December rolls around, the Christmas spirit starts sparking joy in all of us. My dachshund is no exception. As soon as the holiday tunes start playing on the radio, he begins circling my feet, begging me to unpack the tub of Christmas supplies.

I work with the Dachshund to wrap the rainbow lights around our entire Christmas tree. As I wind the wires around the taller branches, the dachshund scurries between my legs, tapping its paws with excitement. When he is lit, he gives a few joyful yips, indicating that ornaments should be hung!

When the last ornament finds its home, Dachshund oversees the rest of the house decorating. I let him help by holding one end of the garland in his mouth as we strung it down the staircase. Finally, I put the shining gold star on top of our tree.

Dachshund makes one more circuit around the home, examining all of his labor-intensive decorating projects. Tired but brimming with Christmas nostalgia, he collapses in front of the roaring hearth. My long-time friend and the most enthusiastic decorator of the holidays!

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