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It’s that joyful time of the year once again when we adorn our homes for the Christmas season! Today, we retrieved all the boxes stored in the basement, containing lights, ornaments, tinsel, and various other holiday decorations. Upon initiating the unpacking process, our inquisitive dachshunds, Greta and Fritz, promptly approached to explore. Their tails swayed with excitement upon seeing the vibrant lights and shiny bulbs. We had to gently guide them away to prevent any entanglement with the light strands!

While my wife, Sarah, and I proceeded to hang lights along the banisters and mantel, our Bengal cat, Cleo, entered the room. She leisurely settled beneath the Christmas tree, playfully swatting at a stray ornament that had rolled her way. Her large green eyes attentively observed our every action as we adorned the staircase with garlands and arranged stockings above the fireplace. Each time an item dropped or a box closed with a bit too much noise, Cleo’s ears would twitch, accompanied by excited yips from Greta and Fritz.

The dachshunds kept sneakily returning to nibble at the lower branches of the tree or play with a strand of tinsel on the floor. Cleo, in her relaxed manner, would extend a paw to swat at them whenever they became bothersome. Sarah and I shared laughter as we witnessed our furry companions taking in the festive transformation unfolding before their eyes. Their inquisitive and playful spirit infused a lively atmosphere into our annual decorating routine. The house now exudes a truly festive and cheerful ambiance! It seems our pets derive as much joy from Christmas as the rest of us.

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