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The video features an adorable corgi puppy who is learning to use an automated ball launcher toy called the iFETCH. The iFETCH is a toy that allows dogs to play fetch by themselves by automatically launching balls for them to chase and return.

The corgi approaches and sniffs the iFETCH warily at the beginning of the video, unsure of this odd new device in its house. A ball is dropped into the funnel by the owner to show how the iFETCH operates. The ball glides down the ramp and is unexpectedly released out the front with a blast of air.

After watching the owner use the iFETCH several times, the curious corgi begins to understand and starts excitedly chasing the launched balls. As the corgi learns how to properly place the ball into the funnel entrance so that it will roll down and be thrown, there are a lot of hilarious missteps. Over multiple training sessions, the perceptive corgi eventually becomes proficient in it.

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